And the Bat-A-Thon® Winners Are…

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Bat-A-Thon®!

Grand Prize:

  • Lucas Bradshaw

Team Winners:

  • Coach Skaggs
  • Coach Klute
  • Coach Swank
  • Coach Colanese
  • Coach Krivak

Top Batters | First place winners will receive a trophy, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a medal.

1st Place TeeBall ~ Landon Rose
2nd Place Teeball ~ Kaden Reyes
3rd Place Teeball ~ Keenan Crail

1st Place FarmBall ~ Olivia Fleck & Addison Kazmirski
2nd Place Farmball ~ Jeffery Vollmer
3rd Place Farmball ~ Noah Bradshaw

1st Place Instructional Softball ~ Leah Hurt
2nd Place Instructional Softball ~ Kylah Wood
3rd Place Instructional Softball ~ Clara Chambers

1st Place Instructional Baseball ~ Colin Compton
2nd Place Instructional Baseball ~ Gavin Crail
3rd Place Instructional Baseball ~ Grant Laskowski

1st Place Minor Softball ~ Kaylee Kienitz
2nd Place Minor Softball ~ Kayla Dan & Bella Esquibel
3rd Place Minor Softball ~ Kiersten Carlson

1st Place Minor Baseball ~ Hayden Scott
2nd Place Minor Baseball ~ Cole Shelton
3rd Place Minor Baseball ~ Ben Luther

1st Place Major Softball ~ Taylor Blackston & Kaitlin Gay
2nd Place Major Softball ~ McKenzie Waltz
3rd Place Major Softball ~ Cora Elkins

1st Place Major Baseball ~ Alex Bibian
2nd Place Major Baseball ~ Trent Platz
3rd Place Major Baseball ~ Gabriel Konya

1st Place Juniors Baseball ~ Roarke Wolfe
2nd Place Juniors Baseball ~ Hunter Smith
3rd Place Juniors Baseball ~ James Hall & Cadin McCarty

Individual prizes will be handed out soon.  Any questions please email

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