Bat-A-Thon® Frequently Asked Question

What is Bat-A-Thon®?

Bat-A-Thon® is a fundraising batting competition held at New Prairie Little League since 2010. It is a fun way to give our players some extra batting time while raising much needed funds for our league.

What kinds of items have been purchased by NPLL using the Bat-A-Thon® proceeds?

Since the first Bat-A-Thon® we have used to proceeds to upgrade the instructional and tee ball dugouts, maintain the concession stand, buy new field equipment including the new groomer, maintain our fields and upgrade our equipment.

Who should I get donations from?

Surprisingly, there are lots of places to get donations. Beyond friends, family and neighbors leverage your social media contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also seek donations from local businesses. Maybe your player can offer services such as raking, weeding or lawn mowing in exchange for donations.

What is the difference between a flat donation and a penny pledge donation?

Flat donations are the cash or checks collected from donors at the time of the donation which will be turned in on Bat-A-Thon® day. Penny pledges are donations which will be paid on the TEAM’s batting points. For example, if Grandma donates $0.02 and the team receives 500 batting points then Grandma will pay $10.00.

The minimum batting points for each team is 400 and the max is 800. Therefore, when getting penny pledges always confirm that Grandma understands that penny pledges of $0.03 or more could results in $24 or more if the team gets the max points.

Who can donors make their checks out to?

Check can be make out to New Prairie Little League.

What are sponsor points?

Flat donations and penny pledges are converted to sponsor points. Those sponsors points are then used to determine the prizes each player qualifies for.

How do I calculate sponsor points?

To calculate the number of sponsor points each player receives divide flat donations by 5 while penny pledges are counted individually.

For example, if a player received a total of $0.05 in penny pledges and $25.00 in flat donations, their sponsor point total will be 10.

Penny Pledges: $0.05                      = 5 sponsor points
+  Flat Donations: $25.00 ÷ 5      = 5 sponsor points
10 Total Sponsor Points

The goal for each player is 10 sponsor points.

What do I need when I show up on Bat-A-Thon® day?

When you show up to Bat-A-Thon® day you should have your completed sponsor forms and prize sheet as well as flat donations with you.

What will Bat-A-Thon® day be like?

When you arrive you will check-in at the check-in desk. Then each player instructional and above will face 20 pitches. (Tee ballers only face 10 pitches.) The results of any hits will receive a point value. For example, a soft ground ball might be worth 4 point whereas a hard ground ball might be worth 6 points. The Bat-A-Thon® staff will total each player’s score to get a team total.

After your team has batted you will have a check-out meeting with the Bat-A-Thon® staff where you will receive a carbon copy of your sponsor form which details the amount of money to be collected from the penny pledges.

What happens after Bat-A-Thon®?

Approximately, 10 days after Bat-A-Thon® day there will be a collection day where you will turn in your collected penny pledge amounts. It is the collected amount which your player will receive their prizes on.

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